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Lighting, video and sound.
The keys to the success of any event.


From our beginning, it defines single energy that comes up by mixing Barcelona’s most creative team with the latest technological and audiovisual materials.

Relax and enjoy. We’ll take care of the rest! our aim is to create aesthetic coherence by playing with lighting, videos and sound. A unique working method that brings that differential touch and guarantees the quality you’re looking for at your next event.


We’re specialists in the design of spaces through light. An innovative way to set the place up and create unique atmospheres that transport your guests to the event theme in just a look. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event or a private event, to look after the image of a brand or a single day requires professional production and the best technological and audiovisual instruments.


Sound is the engine of any event: it improves communication in presenting a new product or in the presentation of your next congress, excites your guests during your wedding dance or in your loved ones’ speeches and enjoys a jazz concert or when the song of the moment in a professional DJ booth.

At KAMAL EVENTS we have our own professional sound equipment and the best technicians so that during your event, everything will be heard perfect.

What can we do for you?

– Set up any sound system for your congress and other kinds of events with all kinds of taste.

– Concerts and gangs.

– Creating DJ booths and discotheques in any space.

– Product launching, new products and press days.

– Weddings and ceremonies.


Visually supporting a presentation makes the communication of your event more effective, entertaining and differential. Our goal is to show your business developments through high-quality videos, design statistics or streaming conferences. In Kamal Production & Events, we are experts in backdrops design. Using LED screens we create texture and colour that have a unique air on stage and modifies the aesthetic and the climate of any presentation. An element that brings professionalism and quality to presentations, conferences, congresses, concerts and events of all kinds.


We’re especially good at listening and offering you all the solutions so that everything goes as planned.

We also have an exquisite selection of DJ’s and the most spectacular decoration!


You choose the music style we throw the party. Professional enlightenment at the pace of today’s and forever’s themes. Take a look at our DJ’s list!


Photocalls, backdrops, vinyl soils… all the decorative elements you need to give your event the aesthetic coherence you’re looking for. Look at all we can do for you!


We have designed thousands of unique experiences in Barcelona’s most wonderful places. Inspire yourself with our work and take advantage of our tips.