Discover why a creative lighting design and a perfect sound system uplifts an event production to the next level.
We can not think of any more underestimated elements than lighting and the sound when it comes to planning a corporate event.

However, isn’t it true that when the lights aren’t suitable or the sound isn’t as clear as it should be, we immediately notice it and the event becomes dull?

The lighting and sound are the main elements responsible for creating an ideal environment for the company or the brand who is organising the event. This allows the message to effectively reach the attendees. Therefore, we must take care of them and hand the production to the best professionals.

If you want to know what benefits a creative lighting design and high-quality sound system can bring to your corporate event, keep reading!

The role of lighting in event organisation

Corporate events are a very powerful communication tool. They allow you to interact with your customers or suppliers and reward or engage your workers. In addition, they enable you to introduce your products or services, communicate your values as a company or brand and create business opportunities. Ultimately, generating a positive response from the audience.

To achieve this today, it is essential to awaken positive emotions. As they say, in experiential marketing, connect with your audience’s excitement and pleasure. In this aspect, lighting, has the ability to create atmospheres and moods, it ’s  a   great   resource . Especially  if   we   add   an   extra  element  of   entertainment   to   our   design   with  video mappings,  light  shows and more.

On the other hand, lighting will also help you reinforce brand awareness. To do this, you can use gobos that project the company’s logo as well as giving you the option to play around with the corporate colours.

Furthermore, thanks to the lighting you can change the appearance of rooms or even highlight a particular element of the decoration at the event. Either way, you can put the focus wherever you want, whether it’s the speakers of a conference, your product in a presentation, etc.

However, to achieve optimal results, before getting down to work, you should take into account various aspects. This includes: the space in which the event will take place, the time of the day, the profile of the attendees, what moods you want to awaken in them and f they are going to project audiovisual content.

The importance of sound in business events
When you organise an event, if you want to achieve the objectives that you have set, a professional sound system is as important as creative lighting. A poor sound system, will frustrate the attendees, which is surely the last thing you want.

With a good sound system we can make the most of the acoustics in the provided space. If necessary, we can amplify them in conferences held in large spaces or in front of a big audience. Also, if we focus on the music, the choice we make will allow us to create different atmospheres. For example, from a disco where the music must be the protagonist, to a cocktail party where it must simply accompany in the background, without hindering the

In the end, the most important thing is that the sound reaches all the attendees clearly. To do this, we must assess the kind of space the event will take place in. It depends on if the events is outdoors or indoors, if there will be any speeches, where the audience will be located, and if there is any live music or a DJ set.

As they say, there is no second chance to make a good first impression. Do you really want to leave out something as relevant as the lighting or sound for your corporate event? Or leave it in hands of an amateur?
At Kamal Events & Productions you will find all the technical solutions you need and an experienced team. We are not just technology providers, but we listen to you and accompany you throughout, to create a custom-made sound and lighting design for your event.

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