Creative solutions

Whatever type of event you're thinking about, we are sure you want it to be unique, memorable and, above all, customized to meet your needs. In order to achieve this, we offer you a wide range of services designed to enhance the chosen location and to ensure the enjoyment of your guests and attendees.

Whether it's creating chill-out environments, installing pipes and drapes or lighting with buffet lamps, LED curtains or garlands, we have plenty of ideas up our sleeves.

Buffet Lamps

Buffet lamps are one of our own creations designed to provide light in locations that don't have electricity. They have sufficient power to last as long as you need them, and are ideal for lighting up outdoor cocktail bars and banquet tables.

Pipe & Drape

Pipe and drape structures are formed from aluminium or steel pipes and curtains. They are generally used to define or hide spaces in an event. These structures are modular, quick to assemble, versatile and reusable.

LiteWare. Wireless Upware Focus

Another solution to lighting up locations without electricity is LiteWare, a system of controllable light sources with a capacity of up to 34 hours constant use. They are perfect for lighting up architectural structures.

LED curtains

LED curtains are an ideal solution for creating visual focus points within an event. We can advise on using them to make stages, DJ areas or guest tables the centre of attention.


If you want to add a certain something to an outdoor event, garlands are a great option. This technology lights up from above and allows you to control the intensity of light.

Chill Out

By creating a chill-out area – using ambient lighting and relaxed furniture – you can offer your guests a rest area within the event. Chill outs are a perfect complement to a dance area.

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