"Jalsa", where love knows no boundaries

When you enjoy every moment of a journey, the destination hardly matters. 

2016 came up with very interesting and challenging opportunities for Kamal Events. IIFA Madrid happened and there we were working for the green carpet and VIP area, interacting with superstars of the Bollywood industry we were hardly aware of. Work was the focus and the journey took off to Barcelona.

Following IIFA the Wizcraft- Wednishka team came to Barcelona with an interesting project. They wanted a show with a love theme, bringing in two cultures- Spain and India -, with excellent dancers, elegant costumes, LED screen display in the background, a music track with special sound effects and editing, in other words a completely high quality production from every aspect. We were very excited to do this work, it was full of challenges and yet something different for us. Many Spanish and Indian event companies were asked to submit their scripts and their ideas. To our delight, our script "Jalsa" got selected.

The Spanish man, who is a flamenco dancer and knows how to tame a bull, is a hero, loved by his folks but he is destined to fall in love with the Indian Bollywood princess. They go through their difficulties but at the end, love knows no boundaries, they meet, they fall in love and at the end, celebration happens. A romantic saga performed by a great team of dancers of different genres like Flamenco, Salsa, Claque and obviously Bollywood; directed (Bollywood) supervised and scripted by Shreyashee Nag with an incredible production team of Kamal Events: the magic had to happen.

So "Jalsa” - the show took place, 30 mins of love and happiness, much appreciated by the audience and to our relief a very satisfied customer and yes, the journey is still on...

...more bookings on the way, more shows to come...

The journey is so beautiful, why wait for the destination?