Kamal Events in IIFA Awards 2016

Being part of IIFA Awards 2016

A few months back there was this strong buzz in the air, “IIFA is going to be celebrated in Madrid”. It took me a while to understand what this excitement was all about, Google came into help and the mystery was solved. The International Indian Film Awards equivalent to the Oscars was about to be celebrated in Madrid. At Kamal Events, myself and my colleagues are a very strong well knitted team, very focused to our customer´s needs, however little did I think back then that we could eventually be a part of this saga called IIFA.

A month and a half before the show, we were approached by an Indian company to quote for a few booths, very technically challenging booths with complicated design concepts and we realised, this was for none other than the IIFA event. I got my team together and we quoted, we won and there we were, at the IIFA event in Madrid, all the way from Barcelona working on special zones for the big stars to come and interview, photo shoot etc. 

The whole event didn´t quite hit me until the last day. “Kamal Events”, a company that is 20 years old, was actually part of an extremely important event, many big event companies would fight to be there and there we were, amidst the superstars, quietly doing our jobs. No, we are not star struck, but what struck me seeing them before my eyes was the fact that we had actually reached a significant milestone that day. We were with the creams of the society, in the most expensive event of the year, leaving our footprint through our work and focus. I smiled. My Indian roots screamed out of joy. Now after the successful event, nothing apparently has changed, but deep inside, I know the company has gained a name, has gained a significant place in the market. We can proudly say that we were part of the Indian Oscars in Spain and yes, life goes on, looking forward to many more new challenges to come…. Cheers to that.


Kamal @ kamalEvents